1977 Corvette – a muscle car that will go down in history

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There is no doubt that one of the greatest American Muscle cars ever to be build was the old school Corvette’s which have been a favorite for collectors and motor enthusiast alike. The 1977 Corvette was one that had had minimal changes made to its design. A few options were also added. You could choose to add a luggage rack if you wished, RPO V54. The design was able to accommodate removal able roof panels, which freed up interior storage space. Glass roof panels were listed in the options. RPO CC1. None of the glass panels were in fact sold. The panels were available as a after market feature called a Moon Roof. One of the options that did prove popular was the AM-FM stereo system with an eight track tape player, RPO UM2.

You had quite a list of options to choose from with the 1977 Corvette listing twenty three optional extras that could be added to the Corvette. You could add power windows for just an extra $116 or have air conditioning or a bigger motor added. You could even pay for a California Emission Certification for just an extra $70. There were telescopic steering columns, sports mirrors or Gymkhana suspension to add to your regular range Corvette to make it more your very own individualized sports car.

Another great way to make you Corvette stand out was to have a great paint job. You could choose from twelve original colors. Classic white, silver and black with the most popular, followed closely by Corvette light blue and then Corvette Tan. Other colors included Corvette dark blue, Corvette chartreuse, Corvette yellow, Corvette bright yellow and Corvette orange. From 1977 strict new smog regulations were put into place and it was felt that these new regulations had taken away a great deal of the cars performance.

If you need to know more about the 1977 Corvette or any of the Corvette models they you should look into the Corvette Guys who have all the knowledge and can help you to locate the extra options or parts that you are looking for. If the Corvette Guys don’t have or can’t find what you are looking for then they are sure to know somebody who does.

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1977 Corvette In Videos

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The 1977 Corvette is considered to be one of the best American sports car ever released. The vehicle is really impressive and the truth is that there is really no way such a car will not offer you a spectacular driving experience. Below you can find a series of presenting videos of various models of the 1977 Corvette. By watching these videos you will better understand how the 1977 Corvette functions, how it looks and why this car is such a great ride.

As you can see in the video below, the 1977 Corvette is a beautiful, powerful car, a great ride that anyone will enjoy.

This amazing sports car looks perfect in red, but it is extremely elegant in black, as well. Check out the video below and you will surely be charmed by this black 1977 Corvette.

The 1977 Corvette has always impressed with its unique design, but also with its elegance. Even though this is a sports car, the 1977 Corvette is extremely stylish. You can use such a vehicle each time you desire, regardless of the event you plan on attending.

Luckily, you can still find in sale numerous 1977 Corvette cars. They are all spectacular, so your ride with this type of car can only be amazing. Pick the 1977 Corvette that best matches your preferences and enjoy driving in the best manner.

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The Story Of The 1977 Corvette

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The 1977 Corvette has been a spectacular vehicle. This is one of the few American cars ever built which still enjoys an impressive popularity years after its initial release. The 1977 Corvette has not represented a huge development at the time of its release. In fact, this Corvette model arrived with few modifications, but the small changes contributed to this vehicle’s popularity.


One of the most important such changes has been the leather-rim sport steering wheel. Other things worth to be mentioned in this context are the new Smart Switch steering-column stalk, the new driving posture, as well as the improved audio system. Moreover, the 1977 Corvette also featured an easier use of the handbrake. There is no wonder that the popularity of this vehicle has increased so much.


Below you can read more about the improved specifications of the 1977 Corvette.

  • The 1977 Corvette came with a L48, a 350 cubic-inch V-8 with 180 horsepower.
  • This vehicle also featured a four-speed, wide ration manual transmission with optional upgrades.
  • The car maintained its image as a sports vehicle, being still a two-seater.

  • Source

  • Starting with the 1977 Corvette, custom leather interior became a standard, at least when referring to Corvette cars. Cloth seats remained an option, as well.
  • The leather interior of 1977 Corvette became available in 6 colors: black, smoked gray, brown, red, buckskin and white.
  • When it comes to exterior, the 1977 Corvette was available in 11 colors: classic white; silver, black, light blue, dark blue, chartreuse, yellow; orange, medium red, tan and dark red.


The 1977 Corvette has been one of the most powerful cars of the era, being the main choice of numerous people, as well as vehicle collectors. In fact, this car has managed to set a new record when it comes to sales. With the 1977 Corvette, leather seats became a standard, luxury driving being no longer considered an option, but actually a must.


Starting with the 1977 Corvette, cars began being more powerful, possessing an advanced technology that actually brought a unique combination between power, luxury and comfort.

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Corvette Commercials

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Corvette is one of the most popular American cars, being a precious and timeless vehicle. Throughout time, many models appeared and new changes were made, but this car still managed to remain a living legend.

It was several times redesigned to match market conditions, but what it was essential about it, remained. It’s amazing that even since the first model, this car is today successful, as well. Corvette is a refined sports car that any car collector would want to have, being considered a piece of jewelry by the car lovers.

It’s the great combination between a sports car and a great high-power engine. This vehicle is so popular that even a museum was created for it called The National Corvette Museum.

To observe how this car evolved throughout years, let’s watch some commercials:

1963 Corvette commercial:

2000s Corvette commercial:

Candles Corvette 427 Chevrolet:

A Boy’s Dream C 6 Corvette Commercial:

2011 Chevrolet Corvette commercial “America still build rockets”

On the Internet are many other Corvette commercials, so if you’re interested to find out more about this car, watch them. You’ll have the opportunity to observe the evolution of this car throughout time as concept, design and brand image.

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The National Corvette Museum

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Even since 1953 the Corvette has started to be America’s sports car. As this car was so popular and appreciated, the National Corvette Museum was established.

The museum is a non-profit organisation, constructed in 1994 and has the mission to preserve the past of this car, to educate public about it and to celebrate the invention of such a wonderful car. It’s located in Bowling Green, Kentucky and it sponsors the Corvette Hall of Fame for those people who were involved with this car and.


You will also find a cafe that serves hot items such as soups, grill, daily specials, as well as salads, sandwiches, wraps, coffee and more. Here you can also try Christie cookies, homemade Chaney’s Ice Cream and brownies.


Nonetheless, if you can’t go to Kentucky, you have the possibility to admire it on the Internet. Search online and then take a virtual tour of this wonderful museum. You will see over 80 Corvettes, including the 1977 Corvette, as well as a wonderful space-age design and sweeping lines. The tour will catch your eyes for sure and you will find out why the National Corvette Museum is so special and popular.


The website is permanently improved and almost every time you will find new things about the 1977 Corvette and other models, as well. The museum hosts many events and temporary exhibits. If you love the 1977 Corvette, this is the right place to be. The staff is nice and competent, so you will find out a lot of interesting things about the history of the 1977 Corvette and about its development throughout time.

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Corvette 1977- A Performance American Car

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Corvette cars history was born in the post-war sports-car boom, a wonderful time, when people were very optimistic. The car had a sensational impact and it developed a sporting nature during the formative years of rock-and-roll. Many models were manufactured throughout time and here you can discover the history behind each model.


One of the most famous Corvette models was the 1977 Corvette. This model had modest modifications, but still remained one of the most famous American performance cars. The 1977 Corvette featured a redesigned console for a larger array of Delco audio decks such as AM/FM cassette stereo, while instruments were restyled and climate controls were simplified.

Instead, a leather-rim sport steering wheel was adopted, as well as a steering column stalk which combined wiper/washer functions with the turn signals. Additionally, its shortened steering column permitted an “arms-out” driving posture and its entry and exit were also simplified.



Plus, this model had an easier use of the handbrake and its alarm switch was incorporated with the left-lock button, its rearview mirror changed its location and sunvisors were revamped. 1977 was the year when the car had a notch back roof line and before the same year, Moon Roofs, also known as glass tops for Corvettes were an optional equipment, but the manufacturer had a dispute with Chevrolet and in the end, GM had to develop their own glass panels, but for the 1978 model.

Here you can see 1977 Corvette options, including its interior and exterior colors.

This car also features leather bolsters, but they were an extra-cost item at that time, while leather upholstery was a standard.




It also had an optional rear-deck luggage carrier which was modified so that the T-tops could be carried. Another exterior changes were its glass roof panels and traditional crossed-flags insignia.

Find out more about the history of this car.

This model managed to thrive even during poor economic times, when performance cars had many problems, beginning to dwindle. Nevertheless, the increased number of sales was the best proof that GM knew how to successfully redesign a car in order to match market conditions, but without detracting from what was essential for this model.

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Timeless Vehicles – The 1977 Corvette

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The 1977 Corvette is a timeless vehicle. It is one of those cars that is mostly appreciated by people with great tastes in cars and that love collecting quality vehicles. The 1977 Corvette is a sports car, produced by Chevrolet division of General Motors, from 1968 until 1982. It is also called the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and it was produced in factories from: St. Louis, Missouri and Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the United States. The major contributions to the model of the 1977 Corvette were brought by Zora Arkus-Duntov, the chief engineer, and Bill Mitchell, the chief stylist. The production of the 1977 Corvette started with the Mako Shark II concept. From this model, the final design was established and then reinvented as the years went by and the vehicle market changed. Since it is a sports car, this particular Corvette is a 2-door convertible or a 2-door coupe. The first models were produced in 1968, when the average price was estimated at $4,663. In the final year of production, 1982, the price rose to an approximate figure around $18,290.

As many of the older models of Corvette, the 1977 Corvette was featured in numerous private and public collections. It is one of the most visible models during car shows and classical races. People love this car even if they are collectors or just passionate about different models. In the case of the 1977 Corvette, those who own this piece of jewelry vehicle slotsduck must know that there are a lot of things they must take care of. Although it is not a highly demanding vehicle, the car necessitates consideration and special attention. There are various products that owners use in order to maintain that new car feel even after all these years and to be able to drive the vehicle around.

The 1977 Corvette is a timeless and classical vehicle that any collector would be proud to own and showcase. As such a refined sports car, the 1977 Corvette demands extra care and appreciation from the people that are tending for it and have its ownership.

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The 1977 Corvette – A Rare Jewelry

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The Chevrolet Corvette is the ultimate American sports car, part of the Chevrolet division of General Motors. It has been produced in six generations, starting with 1953, but the 1977 Corvette is by far the collectors favorite item.

In the 1970s, America knew a time of economic prosperity, which led to a selling boom. Suddenly, the Chevrolet Corvette was becoming a must have for every sports-car passionate. The classic design had minimal changes, but important options were added: the Corvette’s console was restyled in an aircraft-type cluster design, an AM/FM stereo radio with tape player, cruise control, and a luggage carrier that could hold the roof panels were installed, leather seats were available at no additional price and the black exterior color reappeared after a six year absence. In addition to the black, which rapidly began one of the most popular exterior colors, the paint job was also available in Classic white, silver, Corvette light blue, Corvette Tan, Corvette dark blue, Corvette Chartreuse (used only on this car), Corvette yellow, Corvette bright yellow and Corvette orange. The color choices for the seats, either cloth or leather, were smoked grey, black, blue, buckskin, brown, and red, while white was only available in leather. Beside the various color, the 1977 Corvette included other options, like power windows, air conditioning, sports mirrors, telescopic steering columns, Gymkhana suspension or even extra power added to the engine.

The 1977 Corvette was considered a piece of jewelry by the car lovers, because it combined the design of a sports car with a high-power engine, built for speed – a stylish car among muscle cars. If you owned this car, you were somebody. Even a fan club was created, its members were gathering in different places of America to show-off their cars, to create a real parade. Today, the 1977 Corvette represents a collectors item, a piece of America’s history, a dream car which many keep in the garage for the sake of old times.

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1977 Corvette Pan Am

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There are car lovers everywhere who would agree that the 1977 Corvette Pan Am is one of the more classic cars of the 1970s which made a good name for itself and lasted in the history books perhaps not for build rather than its style. The American muscle cars of the 1970s where pitted against each other in many different ways such as performance, durability and naturally with looks. The Pan Am Corvette was one of the more striking cars of its time however when it came to reliability the common reaction was that it was a bit of a lemon.

Depending on how you treated these cars like any other vehicle would ultimately give you its durability over the long term however being a sports car with a large motor which was built for speed, most people drove them hard and fast. This is a common cause of the motor overheating plus the breaks wearing out very quickly https://aucasinosonline.com/. These were all common problems with the Corvettes of the 1970s. They were not the only cars to have such problems and the problems where not normally factory issue however then were caused by overuse and general abuse.

The Corvette was mass-produced by Chevrolet from 1967 and by the year 1977, most of the smaller problems had been worked out. They are still today a very popular car for collectors and enthusiasts alike who take the time to restore them and make the vehicle near new.

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1977 Corvette Colors

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The 1977 Corvette represented Chevrolet’s offering in the two-door sports car category. There were 49,213 Corvettes produced in 1977. This was the year the Corvette dropped the secondary title “Stingray” from its name, but other changes were relatively minor. The “door ajar” warning light was abandoned, for instance, and the steering wheel sported a leather-wrapped rim. A new emblem, the classic two flags badge could be found on the hood and on the fuel filler door. This was also the first Corvette that came with standard leather seats.

The exterior of the car was available in eleven colors: classic white, silver, black, Corvette light blue, Corvette dark blue, Corvette yellow, Corvette bright yellow, Corvette orange, Corvette tan, medium red, and Corvette dark red. There was also a color called Corvette chartreuse, but it was only used on one car. This Corvette went to Jimi Hendrix for a concert in Miami. Classic white was the most popular color, followed by black, Corvette light blue, and silver. 

In addition, red and blue trim became available. The wheels on all the cars were silver. A set of four aluminum wheels could be purchased for an additional $321. The Corvette engine color was changed from orange to blue in 1976; a few of the early production 1977 Corvettes still have the orange-painted engines.  

On the interior, consumers could choose whether they wanted cloth or leather seats. The color choices for both cloth and leather included smoked grey, black, blue, buckskin, brown, and red. White was available only in leather.

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